Terms of Service – INT

(Valid for customers with an invoicing address outside of Denmark)

Copenhagen 3rd March 2019

Ben Websters Vej 106, 2th
2450 København SV
CVR: DK32875037
Mail: info@wedevelop.it
Phone: +45 21 47 92 22

weDevelop.it® provides a a combination of mail order and subscription service which gives our users access to physical products (“Products”) which are shipped to the customer and online products (“Digital Products”) which are transferred over Internet to computers, tablets, and other devices (“Devices”) personal use.

This service is provided by weDevelopIt  (DK32845037), a company in Denmark. These Terms of Service (“Terms”) describes your usage of our service. In these Terms of Service, the word “Service” means the purchase of Products and/or Digital Products including all properties and function, websites and user interfaces, including all content and all software connected to our service.

1. Account

1.1. Account Registration

You must register a weDevelop.it® (“Account”) to use the Service.

1.2. User Account

Your User Account is personal and must not be used by anyone but yourself. Should you register an Account in the name of an entity (business, organization, association, or similar) by doing so you recognize that in doing so you follow the regulations of the entity and that you will be personally liable for any purchases made in the name of that entity.

1.3. Account Responsibility

You are responsible and liable for all activities conducted through your Account, even if these activities occur without your knowledge or permission. Therefore you must keep your username and password confidential and change your password if you suspect it has been compromised.

1.4. Minimum Age

We want to protect minors and ask all our users to act responsibly. Therefore you must be at least 16 years old to register an Account. If you are younger, you may still register an Account but only with the permission of your legal guardian.

1.5. Updated Email Address

It is important that we can reach you with information relating to your Account. Therefore we must ask you to keep your email address and newsletter preferences up to date.

1.6. Account Cancellation

You can cancel your Account at any time via your account management interface on the weDevelop.it website. You will be asked to unsubscribe from any Subscription, and you will no longer have access to the Service.

We will retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements, but barring legal requirements, we will delete your information to the extent and within the time frame detailed in the Privacy Policy available on navigraph.com.

1.7. Account Termination

weDevelop.it has the right to suspend or terminate your Account, and unsubscribe or pause any Subscription and Data access, at any time, with or without cause, effective immediately. weDevelop.it reserves the right to refuse anyone for any reason at any time.

2. Subscription

2.1 newsletters by e-mails

By subscribing to our newsletter you accept to receive e-mails from weDevelop.it® either directly from our e-mail account or via an email service such as Mailchimp. The newsletters may contain information about any of the product series by weDevelop.it® including special promotional offers. The newsletter may also include information or links to affiliated services which we believe will improve your experience of working with our products.

weDevelop.it® will not share your e-mail adress or personal information with anyone outside our organization.

2.2 Paid subscription services

weDevelop.it does not currently offer paid subscription services.

3. Use of Service

3.1 Purchase of physical items from the Shop

Purchase of physical items from the shop is done within terms set out in this document in in accordance with Danish law.

3.1.1 Purchase of “As removed” aircraft items which have been adapted with additional interfacing

You acknowledge that weDevelop.it does not provide warranty for the parts which are removed from aircraft after their end-of-service life. These items are used items following the aircraft industry standard defined as an “as removed” condition and have been verified in a functional state by weDevelop.it prior to adaptation with additional interfacing.

3.2 Purchase of digital download products.

You acknowledge that the purchase of digital products (PDF etc. ) are for your personal use and purchases are final. You waive your right to a refund.

3.3 Purchase of made-to-order items.

If you want to submit a made-to-order service request we will provide you with a quote for the service of developing the requested product.

The quote will include:

  • A reference to the part including any functional requirements
  • A reference to the product file
  • A reference to the material to be used
  • A price included peparatory services and production.
  • An expected completion and shipping date 
  • If any particular warranty conditions apply (eg. a lifetime less than 24 months).

Special made-to-order service order shall be paid in full prior to commencing the production.

By submitting a made-to-order service order you waive your right to a cancelation/refund as these are made particularly for your needs and thus are not part of the regular catalogue of weDevelop.it.

weDevelop.it still provide our standard warranty against defects at the time of receipt of the product or during its lifetime or 24 months (whichever is shorter).

3.3.1 In particular concerning 3D printed parts

You acknowledge that you are responsible for ensuring the 3D models you order for print are printable on a standard 3D printer. 

You acknowledge that your choice of 3D printing material is yours alone and the function of the product is limited by the material properties of such material. You acknowledge that any guidance by weDevelop.it staff in relation to material choice is only guidance and the material choice is entirely your own.

4. Ordering

When you submit an order of standard products through our webshop at wedevelop.it our shop system will automatically send you a receipt for your order via e-mail.
Terms of service will be attached to your order.

5. Invoicing

An invoice will be forwarded by e-mail when your Order has been processed.

6. Payment

Payment is accepted via the most commonly used credit and debitcards (Dankort, E-dankort, Visa, Mastercard, JCP) and Mobilepay.

International cards may be subject to a processing fee.

The transaction will be completed at the time when the order has been processed.

6.1 Custom made orders

Payment of Custom made orders is processed at the time of order.

7. Prices

All prices are included 25% VAT. Prices may vary over time.

8. Language

When you trade with weDevelopIt the agreement is in English. Communication is accepted in Danish.

9. Package Delivery

Package Delivery will be through a company handled by Pakkelabels.dk. Currently GLS is chosen for delivery within Denmark.

Orders in stock are typically shipped within 48 hrs of received payment.

Orders containing items not in stock or special orders will typically be shipped within 2-3 weeks. For larger orders individual delivery schedules will be communicated via e-mail.

9.1 Pickup point

Pickup can only on special occations be arranged and only through prior arrangement. You will be notified when the order is ready to be picked up.

At the pickup you must provide proof of purchase and payment.

10. Defects and Warranty

The products purchased from weDevelop.it are covered by 24 months of warrenty against any defects at the time of receipt or showing during their intended use.

This means that you will either be offered the product repaired, exchanged, a refund, or a price deduction depending on the given situation. It is a prerequisite for the use of the warrenty that the defect is not a result of incorrect usage of the product or an intentionally damaging attitude.

You must raise the defect or warranty complaint in due time after you have discovered the damage. Do not ship anything back to weDevelop.it without prior agreement.

In case the warrenty claimis found to be substantiated weDevelop.it will refund the cost of shipping. Please keep the shipping receipt.

Shipments should be sent to our adress:
Ben Websters Vej 106, 2th
DK-2450 København SV

The package shall be marked with the original invoice number as well as a description of the warranty claim. weDevelop.it will not accept packages without tracking, nor packages sent as Cash on delivery (COD).

11. Order cancelation and return policy

11.1 Order Cancelation

As a private consumer you have 14 calender days right of cancelation for physical items in accordance with Danish Consumers Law.

The 14 calender days are counted  from the day You receive the purchased item.

If an order consists of several Products, you may Cancel part of an order.

You understand that by purchasing digital products you waver your right for cancelation.

11.2 Returning

If you wish to return one or more items of an order you must inform us within the 14 day of receiving the products via mail to info@wedevelop.it citing the invoice number on which the item was sold and which products you want to return. From this point in time you must return the product in question within 14 days.

The customer is responsible for propper storage and packaging of the return product.

The shipping cost for returned goods will not be refunded by weDevelop.it and are at your own expense.

Shipments should be sent to our adress:
Ben Websters Vej 106, 2th
DK-2450 København SV

The package shall be marked with the original invoice number.
weDevelop.it will not accept packages without tracking, nor packages sent as Cash on delivery (COD).

Upon receipt of the returned products weDevelop.it will verify the product state. In case the product or its storage container has been damaged or their value derated from use, the value of this will be deducted from the refund.

12. Complaints

If you want to complain about an Item, Service or Delivery you can contact us on info@wedevelop.it.

A complaint about a purchased item or service ordered from us can also be submitted to Konkurrence- og Forbrugerstyrelsens Center for Klageløsning, Toldboden 2, DK-8800 Viborg, or via https://www.forbrug.dk.  You can also complain to the EU-commissions online portal via http://ec.europa.eu/ord. At the submission of the complaint please state our e-mail adress as info@wedevelop.it.

13. Privacy

13.1. Personal Information

You acknowledge that by registering an Account you are providing weDevelop.it with Personal Information. You also acknowledge that by using the Service weDevelop.it may collect Personal Information. The purpose of providing and collecting Personal Information, information about the data controller, and methods to request extracts, edits and deletions of Personal Information is described in the Privacy Policy available on weDevelop.it.

13.2. System Email Messages

You acknowledge that you will receive email messages from weDevelop.it relating to the status of your Account or your Subscription. Examples of such messages are password reset links, subscription confirmations, reminders of an expiring subscription, and warnings about failed payments. You cannot unsubscribe from these types of emails via the preferences in the Account settings.

13.3. Other Email Messages

You acknowledge that you may receive email messages from weDevelop.it containing promotional content, such as recommendations about newly released weDevelop.it products. We strive to keep such information informative and relevant to you. You may edit the email preferences in your Account settings or click the unsubscribe link in any email to unsubscribe from such email messages.

14. Support

14.1. Support Forum

All support shall currently be handled through email (see below).

14.2. Support Email

Issues containing account or payment details must not be posted in the support forum but should be sent to info@wedevelop.it

15. Intellectual Property Rights

weDevelop.it® and TacTiles® are trademarks currently undergoing registration in the entire EU. By using the services and purchasing products you acknowledge the Intellectual Property Rights of WeDevelopIt and/or any 3rd Party who may choose to make their services available on the weDevelop.it website.

16. General Provisions

17.1. Applicable Laws

These Terms should be interpreted according to Danish laws. These Terms do not limit any consumer rights protection in the country you reside in.

17.2. Partial nullability

If one or several parts of these Terms are invalid, illegal, or impossible to enforce, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining parts of these Terms will remain.

17.3. Changes to Terms

weDevelopIt® will update these Terms from time to time. We will notify you at least one month in advance before new Terms take effect for you.

17.4. Electronic Communication

We will only send information to you electronically, for example via email to the email address you provided to us upon registration of your Account.