TacTiles® Shapes

A sample of the TacTiles® Shapes product group

TacTiles® Shapes is a group of square tiles with a variety of shapes grouped in increasing difficulty.

We will initially be offering the following sub-groups:

  • BAS1 – 10 basic shapes allowing training of the most basic processing strategies. BAS1 will be shipped with a wooden base plate suitable to hold 2×2 tiles.
  • ADV1 – 10 additional complex shapes which build on the BAS1 set and will require increased focus and an adaptation of Systematic Search methodology of the pupils
  • ORI1 – 10 additional shapes build on the BAS1 set and have been created to work with the pupils orientation in space. These will range between, simple lines (straight and askew) to almost parallel lines, corners etc.
  • MOD1 – Small models of the BAS1 set created to work with the pupils ability to copy a model as well as scaling from small to large

The TacTiles® Shapes can be used both blindfolded and at a normal learning setting.