TacTiles® Overview

TacTiles® blindfolding

The TacTiles® product line is developed to help children and adolescents with difficulties in problem solving as well as concentration.

The product line was developed to provide tools for the Tactile Mediated Learning Approach (MLA), but can be implemented just as well in other learning settings. The Mediated Learning approach is based on an evaluation of the pupils ability to problem solve based on deficient / efficient functions relating to input, processing and output. For more information on MLA please see our dedicated MLA page.

One provider of courses in a tactile MLA is the Feuerstein institute. (Link can be found on our Links page).TacTiles Logo

4 separate TacTiles® product groups are currently offered:

  • Shapes – A variety of geometrical shapes grouped in order of increasing complexity. The Shapes come with one or more base plates to organize the work.
  • Dots – The dots from one to ten allowing the pupil to work with quantities
  • Numerals – The Numerals allow the internalization of the shapes of the numerals as well as composing of numbers in the units, tens, and hundreds. The Numerals come with a base plate to organize the work
  • Letters – The Letters of the alphabet also allow the internalization of the shapes as well as composing of short words. The standard set is one of each lowercase letter. These are currently shipped in either an International A-Z set or or Danish A-Å set. Addon sets can be purchased to be able to compose the 119 most used words in English (Fry Sight word list) or in Danish (120 words).

TacTiles® are produced from environmental and allergy friendly plastic approved for use in the food industry in the EU and USA. The raw material is produced in the USA and the tiles themselves are produced in the EU.

TacTiles® is a learning tool to be used in a learning setting between a mediator/teacher and a pupil. TacTiles® is not a toy.

Neither weDevelop.it® nor TacTiles® are in any way affiliated with or acredited by the Feuerstein institute.