3D Print shop

At weDevelop.it® we are able to print your favorite designs in our own print shop. If you do not have a completed 3D model – time permitting – we are also able to design them for you.

We primarily use the Colorfabb nGen filament: ngen.colorfabb.com/ with its superior properties compared to standard PLA.

The producer of the raw material of Colorfabb nGen (Eastman Amphora™ 3D Polymer AM3300) declares it compliant with the Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 (and amendments). Note that 3D printed objects are not generally recommended for food contact due to the possible bacteria build-up in cavities in the products.

For more information on the filament used please refer to the nGen section under colorfabb.com/materials-data/

Printing is charged as a combination of:

  1. Used raw material in the production (model and support)
  2. Preparatory time ensuring your model file is printable.
  3. Duration of the printing process.
  4. Post production time for cleaning the product of support material (if any)
  5. Shipping and handling

We accept model files in STL format only.

For information on 3D printing services please use the contact form below.

All printing queries and model files will be handled confidentially.